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How a Hong Kong startup is serving football enthusiasts

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to play football but found all your grown-up friends busy working overtime, leaving you no one to play with?

Well, do not despair. Freekick, a Hong Kong-based football teaming-up and match-making platform, is here to serve you.

Oct 3, 2019

▪ 香港 Startup 巡禮 : Freekick ▪

尋晚首次接觸其中一個 co-founder KC,發覺佢除咗對足球嘅熱情之外,對創業亦然,所以同中學同學開發咗一個約踢波網站。雖然我唔踢波,但睇到其方便性,因為要約齊人真係好難,但如果遲啲有埋其他球類活動可以約腳就仲正.........

Oct 31, 2019


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