What we do?


Freekick prepares all the essential elements needed for starting a football game, including a convenient football pitch, flexible timeslot, equipment like balls, numbered training vests, bottled waters, etc. Most importantly, we help you gather a group of players to form a team with you and be your opponent. Thereby you can come alone to enjoy and play a 2-hour team sport at a time and place that suits you best without necessarily being burdened with finding at least 10 more friends to join the game. What’s more, you can make new friends and teammates here!


How it works?

That’s simple. You just need to register the game that you wanna join by completing a very short registration form plus finishing the payment. After that, we will assign every single participant to teams with reference to the information you've given on the registration form like football position, experience and age in order to ensure two sides are fairly, happily and evenly matched.

Don’t hesitate to join our games. Let yourself be immersed in the joy of football.


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