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Football is one of the most popular sports in Hong Kong. Everyone might have heard, learned and participated in it to a greater or lesser extent, especially during school life. However, after entering the workforce, coordinating or even just joining a casual football game in such a fast-paced city is no longer an easy task, with everyone busy working overtime to different schedules and areas. As the chance to enjoy football games becomes fewer, sooner or later, one’s passion for football will slowly fade away.   


Freekick is a start-up found in 2017 which determined to bring football back to the community. We believe that everyone should have a choice to play football anytime and anywhere; therefore, Freekick, a one-stop football teaming-up and match-making platform, is established to bring football lovers and enthusiasts together and organize games with flexible schedules at different pitches across the city to make them play football.    


Once you join Freekick’s football community, you would never

despair of no one to play football with.


Freekick aims to become the biggest social platform that connects football lovers and enthusiasts all around Hong Kong via our website, where they can join football games anytime and anyplace with simply a few clicks.


1. To cater to the demands of all individual football players by organizing more games with flexible schedules and locations at their preference. 

2. To bring new vigor and vitality into one’s stagnant football life.


Freekick are committed to expanding our services into all districts in Hong Kong, as well as improving our one-stop football teaming-up and match-making platform to meet the football enthusiasts’ insatiable demand for commitment in playing football games.


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